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Fine dining experience at home

Through Covid, people have grown more accustomed to intimate dinners with close family and friends, yet many have missed the culinary delight of fine dining. Geoffrey and Akela saw an opportunity to offer the best of both worlds by creating fine-dining experiences in private homes.

Geoffrey and Akela, boast years of extensive hospitality experience worldwide, having worked in some of the finest restaurants across Italy, France, London, New York, and Melbourne. Their culinary expertise is an exquisite blend of French savoir-faire and the delightful Italian touch, offering you an unparalleled fine dining experience at any given time with Chef Akela.


Minimalistic & modern approach of sophisticated Italian cuisine

At Chef Akela we believe that the key to great food is using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Akela personally sources many of our ingredients from local markets and farms to ensure that the flavours in our dishes are always at their peak. 

Chef Akela offer 4 food options: 

Menu can vary depending  on the season. We can send it on demand.


4 courses

$160/person (Costs may fluctuate based on the choice of menu items)

5 courses

 $195/person (Costs may fluctuate based on the choice of menu items)

6 courses

$215/person (Costs may fluctuate based on the choice of menu items)

12 courses degustation menu (maximum 10 people)


Vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian options are available.


Caviar, blinis & condiments (prices on demand)


Sommelier experience

Creating a harmonious marriage between a dish and wine takes knowledge and passion. An expert sommelier will carefully select and serve wines that complement the flavours of your meal, while, also providing insights into the different varieties and regions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to expand your wine knowledge and taste the full depth of your culinary experience.

Pairing 4 wines $120/person

Pairing 5 wines$145/person

Pairing 6 wines $175/person


Chef Akela’s service

With our service, you can sit back and relax while our chef takes care of everything, from preparing the meal to cleaning up after. You'll be able to enjoy a gourmet meal in the comfort of your own home, without having to lift a finger.


Our service includes, plates, cutlery, glasses, wines glasses, napkins, tablecloth, candles water jug and flowers.


We set up the table, our experienced chefs and waiters  will be serving and explaining every dishes during the lunch/dinner  and making sure that every guest is enjoying this gastronomic experience. 


Head Chef - $77/h

Second Chef - $72/h

Waiter - $72/h

Sommelier (if matching wines) - $72/h

Fine dining experience at home is available up to

25 guests (minimum 6 guests)


Tel: 0477 014 088  |  Email:

We look forward to bringing the restaurant to you.

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